The Sectors we are familiar with.

Our areas of work encompass the following areas of law. Specialist areas in which we have a very high number of clients are highlighted in colour and linked to a more detailed description of our advisory services:

These areas of law frequently exhibit very close links to the following areas of law, for which we are also your skilled and experienced contact persons:

  • Employment law
  • General terms and conditions of business
  • Banking law and the law of capital markets
  • Law of succession and company succession
  • Commercial leases
  • Commercial-agency law
  • Real-estate law
  • Cartel law
  • Product-liability law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Insurance law
  • Authorised-dealer law
  • Law governing contracts for work and services
  • Competition law

If you are unsure of the area of law that applies to your case or your legal query does not come under the above areas, we shall certainly be able to assist you further. Please contact us.

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