Stephan Jörn Günther

Stephan Jörn Günther, Attorney-at-law

Stephan Jörn Günther, who was born in 1970, studied jurisprudence in Heidelberg. After completing his period of practical training with Karlsruhe Regional Court, Mr Günther spent several years working for a law firm admitted to work for the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) where he discovered his passion for complex business-law issues of a highly sophisticated nature. As a result of two years of project work in the USA and having numerous clients with cases involving English or American law, Mr Günther is a consultant much in demand for advice on the international business of exporters and service-providers.

Specialist Areas Mr Günther’s consultancy services concentrate primarily on companies with cross-border operations from all branches of industry. These include matters of international trade and distribution law as well as the specific consultancy requirements arising from the enforcement and defence of industrial property rights in other countries.

Mr Günther also advises companies in company-law transactions with foreign partners - from the establishment of a branch as far as the acquisition of investee companies. Mr Günther represents clients in international arbitration proceedings and advises companies in legal disputes and enforcement measures in other countries.

Companies whose cases involve English or American law or from English-speaking countries turn to Mr Günther for advice on and assistance with their businesses in Germany, particularly on investment projects.



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